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Servico Freight Services

About Us

Packers-Movers-Freight Forwarders.

Established in 1953, Servico is a seasoned international moving and freight forwarding company based in Karachi. Our roots are translated into a people-oriented service provider which will find the best solutions for both private and corporate relocations, while our freight forwarding department is accustomed to building efficient logistic programmes for the supply chain of our client firms.

Servico Freight Services is tuned to a great diversity of destinations and transports. We therefore have an assortment of modern and varied packing materials. Cartons in different types are specially developed. Customs-made wardrobe boxes, wooden lift vans and quilt pad wraps guarantee the safety and protection of large and small precious objects.

A successful international moving company needs a reliable network of partners. Servico has built strong relationships through the years, along with memberships in internationally recognized affiliations and associations ensuring professional and qualified partners in almost every country in the world.

Servico is affiliated with Elite Global. Global Logistics Network and the International Association of Movers.