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Servico Freight Services

Warehousing & Distribution

In conjunction with our Shipping and Transport services, Servico Freight offer a completely integrated Storage and Distribution service to Importers/Exporters, Distributors, Personal Effects Individuals and Manufacturers etc...

These services recognize logistical requirements and are closely coordinated across, and through all our services.

Servico Freight offer the following Storage and Distribution services
Import Freight (FCL/LCL):

Container storage
Container unpacking
Stretch Wrapping
Handling into store
Inventory Control
Order picking
Storage pending delivery (long or short term) Labeling
Pallet Control
Surveyors Reports
Load onto delivery vehicle
Full range of materials handling equipment

Export (FCL/LCL):

Storage & handling pending shipment
Container packing
LCL consolidation
Surveyors Reports
Container Manifests
Container Lift On/Off
Container storage
Re-palletizing onto export pallets
Specialist materials handling equipment